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Happy Children



“[Your children] are going to start learning the tools for developing meaningful relationships, especially across differences, from an early age,” Dr. Robin Hancock



Lysbeth has been a traveler her whole life, and was blessed enough to have a family that prioritized experiencing new destinations throughout her childhood. Andrae traveled a considerable number of times, and has traveled to almost all continents. Together, they have years of expertise under their belts. But, now, it’s their children’s turn. Their oldest, at now four years old, with thirteen (13) countries down, 4 continents, she’s on her way to becoming a citizen of the world. Unfortunately, Their second daughter was born a couple of months before the pandemic, so traveling for her had to be between the walls of the United States. But THAT absolutely counts. 

While traveling with a child at any age may seem like a daunting prospect, experts claim that it can significantly boost development. They say travel can expand a kid’s world, making them more empathetic toward cultural differences and helping them adapt to changing situations. It can even shape their linguistic development as babies.

Image by Dariusz Sankowski


Them: But they won't remember anything.

Us:Traveling With Kids expands, alters and stretches their little minds. They might not remember every little detail of every trip. However, taking pictures and going through them along the year have done wonders in helping our little ones remember many occurrences. It is proven that they WILL remember how they felt in a foreign country, better than they will remember a birthday party or a gift. 


Them: ...But that's so expensive. I'd have to break my pockets to do that.

Us: There is a bunch of ways to make family travel more affordable. Buy your flights seasonally to save on airfares, and keep an eye on aggregator sites like and Expedia for deals and discounts. Travel on a group tour if possible. Don’t forget ‘roughing it’ options like camping, it’ll get the kids closer to nature.

Image by Dariusz Sankowski