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Our home (including our intimate relationships) should be our little Heaven On Earth, a place where the affections are developed instead of being deliberately restrained. Our happiness depends upon this cultivation of LOVE, SYMPATHY, but most of all HUMILITY. Heaven is a constant approaching to God through Christ. The longer we are in heavenly bliss on Earth, the more God's glory will be opened to us. The more we know of God, the more our love will intensify in our families, in our relationships and in our homes. It 's really a domino effect.

  • 1.  Marriage Counseling:
    Marriage Counseling: No matter where your marriage is right now, we will help you move your marriage to where God wants your marriage to be. We partner with you and your spouse to follow God’s plan for marriage and develop better communication skills and utilize tools to help both you and your partner feel unconditionally loved and respected.
  • 2.  Pre-marital counseling:
    It is a myth that going through a difficult time means you are not supposed to be together. Our goal is to guide you in turning your tough times into opportunities for growth. We can’t promise you it will be easy, but it will be worth it. While engaged, there are new problems that can arise such as wedding planning, house shopping, bank account sharing. Learn the steps to connect and stop fighting, but mostly compromising.
  • 3. Courtship Counseling (pre-engagement counseling):
    there is no better time to build your bond, strengthen your relationship skillset, and find ways to work together! Being proactive (like getting your annual wellness and physical at the doctors) can help establish healthy habits and strong, positive relationships.
  • 4. Parent and adult child counseling:
    For the most part, all teens are rebellious, self-focused, argumentative, critical, and moody. Often, they can become somewhat aggressive, talking loudly, showing off, and otherwise being obnoxious. As annoying as these behaviors may be, they are all part of the natural adolescent learning curve. As a parent however, you must also be able to recognize when these behaviors become self-destructive and dangerous to you or other family members and the community in general. we approach conflict between a parent and teenage as an opportunity to develop communication skills as well as understanding for the stage of life the teen is experiencing.
  • 6. Sibling Conflict Counseling:
    Cain and Abel. This pair is a great example of when sibling relationships went really, really wrong. While few sibling relationships end as tragically as Cain and Abel’s did, sibling rivalry is a real struggle for most families. we specialize in helping adult siblings and caregivers to repair past hurts and move forward with greater understanding for the perspectives of each member. We will Address disagreements from a more productive stance. We will Find the space to forgive and re-write a difficult past relationship with your sibling(s).
  • 7. One on One Mentoring:
    This mentorship will focus on professional development, leadership skills, guiding people into skills they want to grow in, educational guidance, personal development and any development you are looking to experience. In addition, we help people become more and more like Jesus in all aspects of life.
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