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About Us


"The purpose of our organization is to help you find your individual purpose and to live your life accordingly.

Image by National Cancer Institute
Shadow on Concrete Wall

ALTTR INC. understands that there is a generational cycle that has infected us. For decades, society has conditioned us to think on an average level, creating a group of young people who will grow up, live average lives, and influence their children to do the same. Without knowledge of the advantages that have been afforded to us as believers and servants of the Almighty God, we fail to dream, to hope and to even pray. We have severed the divine connection that God wants with us, enabling us to reach our highest potential and to see what God has for us. He wants more for us. He wants bigger things for us.  He wants better relationships for us. He wants a better quality of life for us. He wants a richer education. He wants specific paths for us. Nonetheless, the life decisions that we are making are keeping us from attaining His will for our lives. Our minds have been warped and manipulated for far too long, that we just don't hear His voice.

ALTTR INC has committed to help medicate minds to find the path that God has designed for each of us to take. It may take a transfiguration of your current mindset, your habits, your beliefs,  your goals, your words, your perspective etc... Ultimately, it will take work. We are ready and equipped to partner up with you and achieve this life goal of finding and working in your PURPOSE.


To Alter Our Conditioned Way Of Life



To live the life that God has designed for you to live. 

Alter your mind, alter your future

Through our various programs and services, we mentor, teach and encourage all that we come across to take the knowledge that they have learned, back to their homes, schools, jobs, churches and communities, for its empowerment and growth. We will show you the path and how to walk it.

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