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Throughout the bible we read of instances where people sought guidance, wisdom or salvation from God, using devotion, prayer and fasting as a means to receive that which they were seeking from Him. The stories of Esther, Daniel, and Jesus Christ are ones that quickly come to mind regarding this subject.

It must be understood that the denying ourselves of food or other necessities/pleasures in no way impresses God, or forces him into action on your behalf. The mindset that we should take into fasting is, as we deny ourselves of what our body needs, we in turn rely on God to sustain us. This is practical training on dying to yourself, which allows God to fill you, sustain you, and lead you.

Fasting trains you for the moments when you have a great need, to not rely on your own strength and wisdom to provide for that need, but to trust the fulfilling of that need to your heavenly father, or for him to direct you on how to fulfill it.

Some issues are just to great for us to solve on our own. Many times when we try to fix certain situations by our own wisdom, we make the situation worse. In essence, fasting teaches you to 1. Trust in the lord with all your heart: 2. Not to lean on your own understanding; 3. Acknowledge God in every decision that you make so that He can direct your path. (Proverbs 3:5-6)


At the end of the 10-days, Daniel and his friends were seen amongst many other attributes, to be wiser than not only their classmates, but also the advisors to King Nebuchadnezzar. If the instructions given for this challenge are followed properly, you will experience a growth in your ability to understand, retain, and regurgitate the knowledge that you receive in your classes. You will pass tests with flying colors, write term papers with ease, and rise to the top of your class.


This challenge is a way for you the Christian and the Skeptic, to see Jesus Christ work in your life like never before. We guarantee that participating in this challenge will cause you to believe in God or delve into a deeper relationship with him than before.

This challenge is not only for you to have a revelation with God, but for those who do not believe that what your doing will will cause any change in your scholastic life. You can pose this challenge to individuals in your class, having them experience the same thing that those who doubted Daniel did. This will cause many who are skeptical of you to want to know more about the God that you serve. You will no longer have to chase people down to minister to them in your school or on campus. After this challenge they will come to you, begging to know of the God you serve.


Refrain from eating any king of: Meat (beef, poultry, pork), Dairy (Milk, Eggs, Butter, Cheese, Ice-Cream, Creamers), Junk Food (Candy, Chips, Processed Snacks, Coffee, Carbonated Beverages, Artificially Flavored Beverages), Alcohol, and Illegal Drugs. For those with medical conditions, speak to your doctor before participating in this challenge.



Try to limit watching television shows or movies that promote violence, sex, drugs, or alcohol use. If possible, refrain from watching the television at all, as it has a major effect on the ability of your mind to function properly. It also wastes time that you can apply to your studies.

Social Media

Try to limit your usage of Social Media sites, as it opens you up to a danger of wasting precious time for Devotion, Prayer, and Scholastic Study. You need as much time as possible to devote to this challenge.

Video Game

Again, most video games promote violence, sex, drugs, and alcohol, all things we are trying to refrain from during this time. Also, you want to minimize unneeded activities that eat up your valuable time that should be dedicated to building your future success.

Secular Music

I do not think I need to explain why we need to refrain from Secular music during this challenge. Please download music that will keep your mind on God. Fill your phone, computer, or ipod with contemporary Christian, Gospel, or Classical Music.


As there will be weekend days associated with this challenge, you do not get to take the weekends off. But there are special instructions for these days.


On Saturday, you are not to study, just use the time to focus on your Devotion, spending extra time in devotion. If you have to work, ask for the day off in advance, or call out (trust me, you will benefit from it). Take a break from all the things that have been stressing you during the week. If there are people that are brining stress to your life, take a break from them as well. Catch up on some missed sleep. Here is an idea…….. Download this app to your phone: “AUDIOVERSE”…. OR….. Go to on your computer and listen to sermon after sermon on biblical subjects that you would like to understand better. Get out and get some fresh air, enjoy the peace that you will receive on this day.


On Sunday, try to do much of what was done on Saturday, but on this day you are allowed to study and focus on what needs to be done for the upcoming week.


You are expected to wake up between 4:30 am & 5:30 am to begin your first devotion and prayer to start the day, between 12:00 pm & 4:00 pm you are to spend a few moments in prayer. Before you study and go to sleep, you are to engage in your second and last devotion for the day. The latest that you should go to bed is by 11:00 pm. This means that you must be very wise in how you spend your time during this challenge. Every moment is precious to your success.

Why So Early

Jeremiah 7:13 states that God rises early to speak with us, but many do not listen. There is a message from God that we are missing out on, blessings from God that we are missing out on, when we do not rise to meet him early in the morning. It is paramount to that of the Children of Israel who did not rise early to receive the Manna that God sent them before the sun rose. They missed out on their blessing and provision for the day. Do you desire to miss out on your God given blessing for the day? (Remember to set your alarm)

Also, what you dedicate your mind to first thing in the morning is what will permeate through your mind for that day. If you place devotion and scholastic study (in this order) as the first thing you do when you wake up, your study of the word, and study of your school work will flow through your mind the entire day.

Many do not know that those who wake up early, grow a sense of discipline that those who wake up later do not have. Did you know that many CEO’s and Millionaires wake up between 4:00 am – 4:30 am to being their day. Most do not have the dedication and drive that these individuals have, which is why they are in the position they are in. Yet, for them to wake up this early and be fully functioning throughout the day, they make sure to find themselves in bed by10:00 pm the latest.

Why Noon Prayer

Daniel would pray three times a day, Morning (before the sun rose) Noon and Night. Doing so kept him in a close nit relationship with the Lord. His relationship with God is where he found strength to have faith in and stand for God during his greatest trials and tribulations. It is his example that we are following by this method.

Why Night Devotion

The same principles for morning devotion and study apply to night devotion The last thing that your mind focuses on before you go to sleep will be the first thing that is on your mind when you wake up. Your bible study and scholastic study will continuously ramble through your mind as you sleep (you will actually study as you sleep). In your sleep you will grow in your relationship with Christ and in knowledge of your schoolwork.


God is the foundation of this whole challenge. The wisdom that you are going to receive out of all of this comes from him. But he only gives this wisdom to those who know him, respect him, and desire to spend time with him. He wants to see you do well in everything that you do, but for him to help, you have to allow him into your life. He loves you too much to force his way into your life, but if you will just surrender to him, and spend this time with him, he will treat you like one of his children, giving you everything you need to be successful.


Every day at 12:00 am, the devotional for that day will be posted @ …..There will be a video devotion for the morning, and the evening. The noon portion of this challenge is to be solely dedicated to prayer. For each video devotional, there will be a transcript placed directly under the video.

You have the ability to leave your thoughts, questions, and concerns regarding the devotional in the comment section. And you are free to share the link with your friends or on any social media platform you use.


If you have questions, concerns, or are in need of prayer, you may contact us by anyone of these means:


Phone: (662) 608-4057





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