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Raising The Foundations Of Christianity (Christ's Character)



How many times have you been told that that you need to shine the Light of Jesus Christ to the world, his loving character? But do you really know what the character of Christ looks like, or are you just going with the motions? If you claim to be a follower of Christ, isn’t it pertinent that you understand this very subject? Doesn’t it interest you to understand the personality traits of the God you serve? In this book, author Andrae B. Ricketts takes you on a journey through scripture and personal testimony, exposing the true Character of Jesus Christ, and how this character can be found in you. This book opens your eyes to a personal and loving savior.

We are all made in the Glorious Image of God, but because of sin, we have fallen away from our original state........Jesus Christ died so that, through him, we would have the means to once again, have his GLORY cover us. But, this understanding we have of redemption is only a small piece of what it means to be saved. Salvation is found within the answers to these questions..... What is the Image of God? What is the Glory of God? What is the Righteousness Of God? And how do I attain this???? Without understanding these questions, salvation cannot be realized....

In this Book, you will find a practical, relatable, and easy to understand explanation to the key questions of Salvation. The answer contained in this book is truly the foundation of Christianity. This book will take you on a tour of the outer perimeter of the Tabernacle of God, that the Children of Israel worshiped at in the wilderness.

By the study of this tabernacle, you can find out anything you need to know about God. Dont believe me???? The Psalmist Asaph was inspired by the Spirit of God to tell you this very fact.... "Thy way o God, is in the sanctuary" Psalm 77:13... When you finish this book, you will, without a doubt, understand the Character of Jesus Christ, and how it can be developed in you.

Andrae, along with his wife Lysbeth, travel the world sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ by their Organization ALTTR INC…… ALTTR INC. is an organization geared to altering the minds of all who conform to worldly practices and philosophy (by use of the word of God), so that they may now learn the “Good, Acceptable, and Perfect will of God”..........


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