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OK… So you are taking the Alttr Inc. Easy A Challenge… I can imagine that your reasoning for taking this challenge is so that you may be able to past an upcoming test. Yet, this challenge is to help you prepare for an even tougher test than you will ever take in school.

Looking at Daniel and his friends, we see that they were “skillful in all wisdom and cunning in knowledge, and understanding science”. Not only this but they were seen to be intelligent enough to be taught the “tongue of the Chaldeans” (the language of the Babylonians).

This means that these young men passed a scholastic test or two in their day, but their biggest test of all was yet to come. It was not until they were tested spiritually, that their lives were forever changed.

This morning we will focus on the first test found in this the book of Daniel. These three college age boys were told that they must disregard their faith in order to follow the King’s commands pertaining to their diet. Yet they did not waver, but determined that they would do nothing to disobey the word of God, or dishonor the temple of God, their body.

Now, let us think critically… Do you think that these young men, in the face of death (what do you think would happen to slaves who said the King’s diet was unacceptable?). where able to cram last minute in order to prepare spiritually for this time of spiritual testing? The answer is NO!!!!!!

Daniel and the Three Hebrew Boys had prepared long before this, in studying the word of God in order to know what they should and should not do. They also spent time building a relationship with their heavenly Father, falling so deeply in love with him that they would rather lose their life rather than offend their God.

The question may be asked, what is the reward for all of this????? This is a reasonable question to ask, as Paul himself received this question often. His answer to this question is, you profit “Much every way: chiefly, because that unto them were committed the oracles of God.” (Romans 3:2)

When you prove to God that you are willing to surrender your all to him, and stand for him at all cost, he see’s fit to trust you with the greatest responsibility of all, sharing his oracles, his word, his Gospel to the entire world for the salvation of souls….

Can you think of a greater job than this????? What a feeling of privilege and unworthiness, that God could choose anyone of us to work in his service… This is the reward we receive for passing this test.

Just as you receive the reward of a good grade for passing your scholastic tests, or a high GPA for being a diligent student, there is an even greater reward for followers of Christ. The commands/word of God directs us safely through this life’s journey, “and in keeping of them there is great reward” (Psalm 19:11).

In the taking of this challenge, you are looking for a reward of wisdom, the ability to understand, retain, and regurgitate your scholastic lessons. This is something available to receive, but there is something far more valuable than this to attain.

Not only did Daniel receive wisdom, but his God given purpose. The reason why God placed Daniel in this situation was so that he could minister to the King and People of Babylon, through the Gift of Prophecy.

“As for these four children, God gave them knowledge and skill in al learning and wisdom: and Daniel had understanding in all vision and dreams” Daniel 1:17… All five youth received the wisdom, but Daniel received a gift specific for him. See… The King was soon to have a series of Dreams/Visions, and Daniel would be the only one to understand and interpret them. Through these interpretations, Daniel would be revealing the Oracles of God to the King, the People of Babylon, and to us today (The Prophetic Book of Daniel and keys to the Book of Revelation)…

As you take this challenge, there may be a time of spiritual testing that you will face… Have you prepared spiritually to be able to withstand this time of testing???? If not, I ask you to begin preparing today… Let God know that you want to build a deeper, and long lasting relationship with him. That you want to know him through His word better. Let God know that you want to be able to stand in YOUR time of testing, just like Daniel and the three Hebrew boys.

Yes, wisdom in the skill of learning is on the table, but there is an even greater prize. The realization of your God given life purpose, the stepping into your destiny is before you. Are you interested to find out what purpose God has created you for????? Ask God to prepare you to step into your destiny today…

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