Hello Brothers and Sister, it is a blessing to be able to worship and study with you once again….. My name is Andrae B. Ricketts, and this is the Alttr Audio Sabbath School Lesson Study for Lesson 2, Thursday July 7th 2016…. The title of this study is “RESTORING DOMINION”….. As usual, let’s pray before we begin.

In today’s study, the lessons central figure is to be represented in our minds….. The cross……. We have learned that it is only through Christ and Him Crucified, as well as his resurrection, that we have the opportunity to have Dominion Restored to us here on earth, culminating in complete restoration at the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Being that we as believers are experiencing this restoration process, there is a sin stricken world that has no idea that this is afforded to them by Jesus Christ.

In claiming our dominion, 1 Peter 2:9 tells us that our new responsibility is to share the message of the Cross to the world. But how do we do this you may ask……. The answer is, by showing the same Love to others….. that was shown to us on the cross…… Here are a few ways that you can help others experience restoration by showing love.

Deuteronomy 15:7–12

Tells us that the love of the cross should be shown to the hungry….. God has blessed us with enough to share with others. That when we see our brothers and sisters who are hungry, we should not deny them, but pour into them, tending to their physical need.

Luke 14:12–14

Tells us that we should not only be hospitable to those who we hold in high social standing…. But also to the poor, the needy, the handicapped and disabled. These individuals are often forgotten, but they also need to experience restoration that is found in the cross.

1 Peter 3:15

Tells us that we should have the word of God written on our hearts, so that when people ask us of the faith that we have, we can preach this message of restoration found in the cross, that we are currently experiencing, with a loving tone, and in humbles……

James 1:27

Tells this message of restoration is not just about memorizing doctrines and keeping commandments, but it is about spreading love to those who are in need…… The widowed, the orphaned, the fatherless, while they are in their trouble and hour of despair….

Are you ready to bring this loving message of restoration to the world by your action and speech????? I pray you are…….. as always, it has been a blessing studying with you……. And remember…….. alter your mind, alter your future.