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Hello once again…I am glad that we can worship and study together. My name is Andrae B. Ricketts, and this is the Alttr Audio Sabbath School Study for Lesson 2 titled, The Privilege of Dominion. As usual….. let us pray as we begin.

Our study has been based in Genesis 1:26-28 where we read that Adam and Eve were given dominion over the earth, dominion that was to mirror the image or Character of God.

When we look at people who claim dominion over someone or something we generally see it as a bad thing…… that person is usually seen as a Slave Master, or dictator, one that treats the people in the territory that they reside over terribly….. Only thinking of themselves, their desires and no on else

This is not the way that God intended the word Dominion to be seen. When God gave dominion to man over the earth and all that was in it, he gave clear and present instructions to Adam, how he was supposed to rule.

In Genesis 2:15 we read that God put Adam into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it….. This does not sound as if God gave Adam or Eve license to exploit the earth and it’s inhabitants in any way by means of their God Given Authority.

The Lesson gives us a better understanding of the charge that God gave to Adam and Eve……… There is an added definition to the concept of dominion that is seen in this scripture……. God put Adam & Eve in the Garden to Dress it….. The Hebrew word used here for Dress is Abad, it means to work, to serve, to till………. Do you remember yesterday’s lesson…… One of the aspects of the Character of Jesus Christ, as represented by the symbol of the OX, was service, or slaving for others………

Also, Adam and Eve where to keep the Garden……. The Hebrew word used here for Keep is Shamar which means to hedge about, guard, protect, attend to, look narrowly, observe, preserve, regard, reserve………

Looking back again at yesterday’s lesson, we see the Character of the Eagle here, as the protective and divine strength of Christ that he provides to his people, those he resides over…

Adam and Eve were supposed to serve the earth and all other living things that were in it. Not only this but they were to protect it from any harm or danger, looking out keenly for anyone or anything that would come to harm or damage anything in their Eden home….. Being that Adam was on guard, this proves that he was warned that there was some kind of threat to him and his home. He had prior knowledge that Satan would come, bringing harm his way.

From this we see that God gave Adam and Eve dominion over earth so that HIS Character could be seen by their rulership, to all the world…. If they had not fallen to sin, we would be still seeing this character through them, and embody it ourselves.

Adam and Eve where not abusing the earth for their own gain, robing the earth of its minerals and treasures. Nor where they exploiting animals for their appetite, robbing the young from their parents, all to place them on their plates for a hearty meal….. or putting them in cages outside of their natural habitat, to be put on display for all to see or jeer at.

This is what man does with dominion today….. This is not the dominion that was intended by God, it is one that has been set up by the enemy of our souls….The dominion found in Satan…... But Jesus Christ is in the process of Restoring True Dominion back to those who learn of, understand, and take on his Character. And this Dominion will never be lost again……Praise God…

Well……. It has been a pleasure worshiping and studying with you….. Until Tomorrow, may the peace of God be with you until we meet again…… And Remember……..


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