Hello once again…….. I thank God the he has blessed us to do another study together……. I am Andrae B. Ricketts, and this is the Alttr Audio Sabbath School Study for Lesson 2, Sunday July 3rd 2016. The title for this lesson is “Created For Dominion”…… As usual, before we start studying, Let us pray.

As we have been studying the restoration that is Found in Jesus Christ, it is clear to see why this restoration is needed………….. Because of Sin, Man has fallen from the Image of God…… Meaning……. The Character and Glory of God no longer covers nor dwells within man.

Over 6,000 years separated from the fall, and 2,000 years after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, there are still many individuals who don’t know who they are, or who they belong to, because from the time of Adam, man has lost his Identity……. What do I mean by this…….

The Sabbath School lesson describes people who sit up at night, perplexed because they do not know why they are here on earth…….. if there is a God……… or if their life has meaning….. Sad to say, there are many who have committed suicide because they could not find these answers.

This hits home for me because in the summer of 2009, I was one of these individuals, and suicide crossed my mind……. But I am so thankful that there is a Loving God that pleaded for me to give him a try……….. I told God in my moment of despair that If he would show me my purpose, I would give my life to him….. But if not….. There is no reason for me to live, and I was going to kill myself.

My Friends…….. The reason why I am here speaking to you today is because God was merciful enough to answer my prayer…….. All God wants is for you to give an Honest attempt at allowing him to work in your life, with no half stepping. Sometimes he has to catch you at your lowest point, when you have tried everything else, so it is clear that your only and last option is to just try him out, because you have nothing to lose..

What God did for me was motivate me by His word, and show me my purpose, by revealing his Image, or….. better yet…. His Character to me……. The same Character that he desired to be within me. He showed me that by his glory being revealed in me, I would realize my Identity….. who I am……. and what my purpose in life is…..I know this sounds weird….. but it will soon make sense…….. just hang in there with me…….. This is how God revealed himself to me.

In the exodus from Egypt, as the Children of Israel were journeying to the Land flowing with Milk and Honey….. In this 40 year trip God wanted to reveal his Character to his people, the Children of Israel, who for 400 years, had been so far removed from his image, taking on the character of the Egyptians, that they forgot who they were.

To rectify this matter, in Exodus Chapter 25, God Commanded Moses to have the people erect a temple that mirrored the temple in heaven, it was there that God would dwell with them…… But what’s most important is that on the outside of this temple stood 4 banners, one on each of the four sides of the sanctuary. Each banner had a symbol which was, a Lion, Ox, Man, and Eagle

The Symbols waved high in he sky, attached to their perspective banners…….. For the children of Israel, and Us, these Banners had a special significance. Solomon tells us in Song of Solomon Chapter 2:4…..”His banner over me is Love”…… These banners with their symbols that resided above the heads of the children of Israel around the sanctuary, represented the love of God.

Yet there is a deeper understanding……. 1 John 4:8 tells us that GOD IS LOVE!!!!!!!! The Image or Character of God is love……. So the symbols on these four banners describe in some way the Character…….The Image of God……

Brothers and Sister, I am here to tell you that these four symbols found on the banners represent the FOUR components that make up the Character and Image of God….. and it is this that he desires for you to understand and embody so that you can experience restoration…….

Lets break these 4 symbols down one by one. Lets begin….

The Lion

When the Lion is spoken of, Respect is given to him as he is revered as the King of the Jungle. This is the Kingly Characteristic that is Given to Jesus Christ as Revelation 5:5 calls him The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, 1 Timonty 6:15 is correct in Calling him King of Kings

It is through Christ Jesus the King that we are told by Paul in Ephesians 1:11 we have gained an incredible Inheritance. This inheritance is that through him, we become a